Graduate Students

  • Yavuz Koroglu, PhD student, MS completed 2016

    Topics: Software Testing and Verification

  • Serkan Kirbas, PhD student

    Topics: Software Evolution

  • Orkun Saglamdemir, PhD student (co-supervised with Prof. Gunhan Dundar)

    Topics: Equivalence Checking of Simulink versus RTL and AMS designs

  • Hasan Ferit Eniser, MS student

    Topics: Web Service Virtualization

  • Osman Aktepe, MS student


  • Ozlem Akbas, MS student


  • Mustafa Efendioglu, MS student



  • Mehmet Kose, MS completed 2016

    Topics: Mutation Testing for Concurrent Programs

  • Etem Deniz, MS completed 2011, PhD completed 2015, employed by TUBITAK

    Topics: Synthetic multicore benchmark generation, Performance Evaluation, Verification and coverage of message passing applications,

  • Onder Kalaci, MS completed 2014, employed by

    Topic: Dynamic Race Detection in Concurrent Programs

  • Gokcehan Kara, MS completed 2014, PhD student at Bogazici University

    Topic: System Level Synthetic Benchmarks for Multicore Architectures

  • Dogan Ulus, MS completed 2013 (co-supervised with Prof. Faik Baskaya), PhD student at Verimag

    Topic: Assertion Based Verification of Analog Mixed Signal Designs

  • Marcelo Sousa, MS completed 2012 (co-supervised with Prof. Wishnu Prasetya, University of Utrecht), PhD student at Oxford University

    Topic: A Framework for Formal Verification of Concurrent Software

  • Yavuz Koroglu, BS graduation project completed 2013, MS completed 2016, PhD student at Bogazici University

    Topic: Hardware Assisted Dynamic Data Race Detection

  • Baris Aksanli, BS graduation project completed 2010, PhD student at UCSD

    Topic: Parallelizing Cycle Based Simulation with GPUs